Vision is the art of seeing things invisible. Jonathon Swift (1607-1702)
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BTRadio Show show on Reincarnation - (Amy and her son) below.  I've Posted a  list of Books/Web sites  on Reincarnation on my Links Page  to get started on Your reincarnation enlightenment!
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   I am excited to announce - I'm wanting YOUR Past Life Stories for a BOOK!

Are you curious?  Wondering if you have "Issues" from a Past Life you are wanting to investigate?  Want a group of friends to experience a Past Life Review? 

Wanting to Experience this possibility, just for the fun of it?  Experiencing this in a group is just as effective as a private one-on-one with me and very fun to watch others respond afterward! 

Connect with me to explore what I can offer you.  I am open to travel from my residences in Hornbrook CA OR Marysville CA for a group experience, group price and a small gasoline allowance.
Aug 17, 2008  -    I loved the show last night. You were so right on everything you spoke about. And when you started to tell me about that giggling lady, I started to feel tingling sensations which was letting me know you were correct on her. I'm not sure who she is but if she is a good person, then I don't mind her being around me.
    I saw the face of a spirit woman on my surveillance monitor the other day. This woman had thin lips and it made me think of her when you mentioned the lips. The woman looked to me like someone from another time though. And she also reminded me of the same woman's face I had captured in photo a few years ago on my chime clock. I will call her grandma as she would like me to call her. And hope I will be able to eventually see her more clearly. She certainly does want me to know she is around especially with that giggling lol. Thank you so much for your readings.  
Sincerely, Louise
I have many wonderful comics, years worth of both psychic, mediumship and those of UFO.  Thought I'd start a section just for a good laugh. 
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In my pursuit to honesty and fairness I've written an important Disclaimer - click
Touching stories of love, loss and discovery of survival of our souls.  Sessions of my  clients - friends telling their stories of death of family and friends. 
From the death of Jason and his continued connection with his mom, to the rescue of a soul before a deadly beating and rape and the marriage to a 'Dead Man'!
"Getting Back to Dating Again!"
How to find and date your perfect mate.  Surviving the mid-life Dating scene.  How to emotionally surive a broken relationship.
Two Books "Ghosts, Should We Be Afraid?"
Various eBooks topics will be written and  offered at this web site. 

I will post here as I complete these projects.
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Great Show for three months!!!  Thank you Phoenix!  You can now hear me on my regular Blog Talk Radio Show

How fun to find yourself on the below map ( added June 17th 2013) to see in the world people visit my page. Click on map for details of numbers around the world! Very Fun!
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My 1st Selfie! 10-8-15 sunny day outside with a friend shopping - Ya Hoo!!
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"The Unwilling Sacrifice"

For soft cover  www.Amazon.com/
Carter’s dreams are wild, sensual and exhausting,
She awakens, freezing; opening her eyes – she is horrified –
She is outside in the mud and naked!

When Carter, a woman in her thirties, returns to her father’s childhood home in Washington, it’s not for a happy reunion.  Her parents and husband have all died in a massive tornado that had ravaged their community.  Her best friend Stacey accompanies her to the welcome arms of her grandmother for a fresh start in Washington.  But soon Stacey begins to behave strangely, and Carter starts to notice odd changes in her friend’s appearance. And then without warning, Stacey disappears.

Stacey’s unexplained disappearance prompts Carter to delve deeper into the mysteries and secrets of her hometown in an effort to find her friend and the truth. Carter soon suspects new acquaintances, she and Stacey had met around town, may be involved in Stacey's disappearance. Alarmed, Carter's physical appearance is now changing as well.

During these mysterious events, Carter's new love interest is a local cop named Conner.  Together they discover an ancient Indian legend, a secret cult worshiping an earth Goddess. The cult involving sacrifices and a hidden truth, where an unimaginable supernatural horror becomes real!
My NEW Tiny Trailer!

Invite me to talk to your group or booksigning.  I'll advertise, with this trailer, that I am at Your Event! 
Lots of fun designing the Book Trailer!

Next Year my 4th book coming out -
"The Ghostly Wife"
Started 2014

The awkard older man meets the too-young hippy artist.  Friends discouraged marriage, how could it work - too many differences.  Little did they know death would separate them- all too soon. 
Or they thought!
A love story that did not stop with death,
becoming an unimaginable ghost possession! 
Desiring to be famous Ghostly Wife possesses her husband to paint for her and finish her creations.  Driven to near madness and eventually committed… he never stops loving her. 

Art Work by David Kessler
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  "Are You Being Haunted?"

a book on possessions!
Feb 2016 - I am writing GHOSTLY WIFE  and SKY RIP below!!  Watch this place for completion dates!
(Started this book April 15th)

She composes mystical music and sees strange colors when she plays her piano.
One night sitting with her boyfriend on her house roof, he listens to her newly composed song on her recorder.  Seconds later they scream as the sky suddenly rips open around them.

I am writing this along with Ghostly Wife looking to finish this 2016. 

Art Work by David Kessler
Two Worlds: Developing Your Psychic Skills
Art work by David Kessler
RADIO SHOWS! - Sorry for taking so long to get the shows underway. 
Life gets in the way, and probably end of March 2016 I'll be starting these shows.  
Listing authors and interviews, times  for Spooky Moments and other radio shows .

What spooks you? We will discuss your spooky moments, scary movies, books and authors who have written spooky books.

Sooo - I need your input! 
What movies, books and authors you'd like me to interview!
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Thank you, Nancy
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